Cast of Characters


Introverted and withdrawn. Alex doesn't particularly like himself. He at once wants and doesn't want his own heart's desires. His best friends are Dorian and Cassandra, though he has unwillingly developed romantic feelings for Dorian and isn't sure how to deal with them.


Alex's best friend and Cassandra's boyfriend. Despite his sometimes acting clueless, he usually has a much better idea of what's going on inside his friend's heads than they themselves do. His parents are divorced, an arrangement he is more than happy with.


Good friend to both Alex and Dorian. Recently, she and Dorian have started dating at Alex's behest. She is smart, prudent, and won't think twice about telling you exactly what your problem is.


Self-proclaimed as Alex's "secret sexy stalker". She wants him, and what's inside of him for unspecified reasons. She has exhibited strange powers and has ownership of a unicorn. She disregards self-control and does what she wants to, when she wants to do it.


Danielle's brother. He puts up with her as best he can, given his low tolerance for interacting with other people. He makes sure he maintains self-control at all times.

The Butterfly

Seen in Alex's dream. A creature who flies between sleepers.

The Unicorn

It is under orders from Danielle to hunt for Alex's heart.

The Nameless Cat

Alex's housecat. It's never been named, which is in itself a name of a sort.


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